Each year the USATF Mountain Ultra Trail Council awards runner of the year awards in Mountain, Ultra and Trail Categories, both open and master.   The following criteria should be used when nominating an athlete:

  1. Nominated athlete must show top results in U.S. mountain/ultra/trail competitions for 2012 (November 1, 2011 through October 1, 2012).  For mountain and trail runners, this will include mountain races (these may be on paved/gravel surfaces as long as there is significant elevation loss or gain) and trail races of varying lengths below the ultra distance.  USATF ultra runners of the year will be based on results on trail and ultra road courses above the marathon distance in both national and international competition.
  2. The nomination window is October 1st-October 26th.
  3. Show top results in international competitions for 2012
  4. Be an ambassador for the sport – athlete promotes and supports mountain ultra and/or trail running
  5. Be a USATF member for the current voting year – athlete MUST have a current USATF membership
  6. To be considered for the masters category, athlete must be a minimum of 40 years of age.

To nominate an athlete or contributor, click on the link below.  It is imperative that you include a list of results and/or accomplishments of the athlete as this will be the criteria with which nominees are compared.  All nominees will then be voted on by the Mountain/Ultra/Trail Council.  While we appreciate people’s enthusiasm, nominating an athlete multiple times doesn’t help their chances.  Athletes will be compared based on the accomplishments listed.

Note: If you feel an athlete is deserving of two categories (for e.g. Trail Runner of the Year and Ultra Runner of the Year), please submit a nomination for each of the categories.

Thank you for your support of Mountain, Ultra and Trail athletics.

Nominate an Athlete or Contributor