This is my first of many blogs on here. My name is Zach RIvers, this is my second WMRT, my first was last year in Bursa, Turkey. I am hoping for a much better performance than last year were I finished 43rd. As for now my training is going much better than last year at this time. I am running much faster up Bristol Mountain were I enjoy to train. Bristol is a small ski mountain, more hill than mountain, but it is 1,200 ft high over 1.5 miles. So too mimic the world course I run up the blue square trail and then go straight down the black diamond trail. Then I rinse and repet. As for other runs latly i have been doing my normal xc training were i am hitting about 65 miles this week with a few hard runs/ workouts in there. I like doing one workout on the track and another on grass. This week I did 400, 200, 400, 200, 400, 200, 400, 200, 400, 200, with a easy 200 inbetween each set. for the 200′s I was hitting around 32, and for the 400′s around 67, nothing really fast but pretty good for my first time on a track in over a month and a half. I also like doing fast 10 milers, were I start off at 6:20 pace and pick it up too about 5:30 pace to finish in around 57-58 min. I am really trying to make the best out of this trip and race. As for races coming up I am going to be doing The Great Race, a 10K on the roads. Christian and Jeff Beck will be in the race, so I am really hoping it will be fast, trying to imrove on my pr of 33:15, which I believe I can do right now.
I absolutly love the gear we got this and would like to thank all of our sponsors for all of the greats clothing and extra stuff.

Okay I am out for now, later,
zach rivers