Hi everyone,

yesterday i ran in the Sierre-Zinal race ,the junior part 19 k . Nice weather , a bit of snow and the downhill was very difficult and technic . I started not too fast, i was 8 th position in Tignousa , then i passed 5 juniors and i was 3rd untill the 15 K . I finished the race in 6th place in 1h35 so i am very happy. I met Rickey gates who finished 21 th place in Sierre-Zinal , we are going in Ovronnaz on Thursday on the WT race. So i will send you More >

Great Race XXX

Today I competed in the Great Race in Auburn, NY with Zach. I had a great race until Zach punched me in the face when I went to pass him. haha no i was just kidding about that but I did have a great race and Zach had an even better race. I ended up 5th over in the 10k with a time of 32:55. My mile splits were 5:16, 5:20, 5:24, 5:20, 5:27, 5:04 and I ran the last .2 miles in 60 seconds. Zach was 3rd in 32:44 I believe. My team ended up 5th overall improving on More >

One Snake. Two Snakes.

Hello Everyone! Today I ran about 11 miles in the foothills of Albuquerque. I ran around the southeast end of the mountains. I have noticed that when I run here I usually see a snake. I don’t know why I usually see one here and not any where else in the foothills. Today however, I saw two snakes. That was a first for me. The first one was a rattle snake which a couple had chased off the path. They were excited about their accomplishment so I stopped and looked at the snake for a couple of seconds before thanking More >

Switzerland Travel Tips

Just in case all you “bloggers” don’t check your email, here are some handy travel tips from Dave Dunham. – Richard Bolt

Drink plenty of fluids, and remember that alcoholic beverages and caffeinated beverages have a dehydrating effect. The tap water in Northern Europe is generally safe to drink, although its high mineral content can cause minor upsets if you’re not used to it.

To avoid Jet-lag it is best to try and get an overnight flight to Europe and sleep as much as possible on the flight. You should then try and get on European time as soon as possible (don’t More >


Every other friday I am suppose to do an Anerobic Threshold run. I was supposed to a 4 miler at 5:50s. The weather has been very miserable near me for the past 2-3 days. It was raining a little this morning but I always run well in the rain. My run today was awesome. I ran 5:49 for the first mile, 5:36, 5:52, 5:34. The 4 miles was on a dirt road in State Land about 10 minutes from my house (depending on how many cows are out). I am competing in the Great Race this sunday with Zach. It More >

Geez, it’s hot!

Hey Everyone,

This morning I took my Chemistry final exam so summer school is officially over! This is a big relief because now I don’t have to worry about it in the fall and can concentrate on training for the WMRT and cross country season.

My training has been going well; this will be my fourth week back running after taking almost four months off with a stress fracture in the third metatarsal of my foot. I cross-trained like crazy maxing 162 miles a week on my bike, but I could only handle 50 minutes on the arm-bike each day. Even More >

Time to fly….

Howdy, This is my first of many blogs on here. My name is Zach RIvers, this is my second WMRT, my first was last year in Bursa, Turkey. I am hoping for a much better performance than last year were I finished 43rd. As for now my training is going much better than last year at this time. I am running much faster up Bristol Mountain were I enjoy to train. Bristol is a small ski mountain, more hill than mountain, but it is 1,200 ft high over 1.5 miles. So too mimic the world course I run up the More >


I participated last Sunday in the Thyon-Dixence race in the Valais area of Switzerland. I came in 2nd amongst the Juniors. It was a nice run. The race started at 6562 feet and ended at 7546 feet, and the highest point of the race was at 8038 feet. Then I stayed at 9500 feet in a mountain refuge for three days, and trained a bit. I woke up this morning and it was snowing!!! 20 inches of snow at 9500 feet. I came back home quickly, but it was quite dangerous to go down.

On Sunday , i will run the More >

Saillon or Bust!!!

This is Jonny Stevens and this is my first post on this blog. I haven’t been online as much because I’m done with my summer job (finally!) and I’m trying to stay outdoors as much as I can before I go back to school. I’m super excited to go to Switzerland next month and run in the World Trophy Race! I’ve been training on the mountain and trails up here in Vail,CO almost every day and I feel like I’m in as good of shape as I ever have been. I typically get two or three really steep runs in More >