Hello to everyone and huge congrats on being part of the USA mountain team !!
This is really a cool idea ! Thank you Paul K…..
Real fun and interesting reads on everyone so far.
So here I go……
First I just want to let everyone know if my plans to preview the course. Saturday the 8th of Sept. I am planning on doing a workout etc on the course…I have been in contact with Alex and Rickey so if there is anyone else that wants or can to try and meet maybe Sat AM at the hotel LEs Bains parking lot we can take a bus up the mountain and spend some time on the course…I hope Alex can make it as he will have first knowledge of the course.
Then I think 3-4 days relaxing in Zenal might be in order….looking into lodging there etc…more info later…..
Otherwise, after a dismal spring my training is back on track. July was alot of mileage and weekly drives to Pikes Peak since I am racing Pikes Peak Ascent on Saturday. Starting Sunday it is 3 hard weeks of fartleks and specific downhills ( yuck) to prepare for the Trophy race.
As for the pix ?? Anyone that can guess where I am at wins a genuine TEVA MOUNTAIN RUNNING singlet…..Paul Low and Dave Dunham are excluded from this once in a lifetime offer :)
All the best to all