With the course marked and athletes arriving today for the race, we finish up our profiles of some of the elite runners entered this year at Cranmore.  Good luck to all of the athletes on Sunday as we see who will be on the 2012 US Mountain Running Team.

Laura Haefeli (44, Del Norte, CO) is the first American woman to win an individual medal at the World Mountain Running Championships (2007) and was a member of the 2004, 2005 teams and gold medal winning women’s team in 2007.  She is also a former record holder of the Masters Record at the Mt. Washington Road Race.  Haefeli finished in 3rd place in 2009 at Cranmore when it last served as the US Mountain Champs and most recently won the Teva 10k in Vail, CO and finished 3rd overall and first master at the Mt. Washington Road Race in June.

Corrine Malcolm (22, Hayward, WI) is a member of the US Biathlon Team and lives in Lake Placid, New York where she trains for the team with lots of mountain running.  With running a natural part of her biathlon training, and with a strong running background in high school, Corrine is looking to make her first mountain running team.  Most recently Corrine set a new course record at the Jenkins Mountain Scramble 10K.  Corrine was a member of the Junior US Biathlon Team and finished 6th place overall at the European Open Championships.

Jessica Snyder (27, Rochester, NY) had her first exposure to mountain running with her impressive sixth place finish at the 2012 Mount Washington Road Race.  Jessica is looking to build on that success to make her first mountain running team at Loon.  Jessica’s road PRs include a 5k time of  17:37, 1/2 marathon of 1:20:45 and marathon best of 2:52:43.