Athlete Spotlight interview with Joe Gray

Latest Athlete Spotlight courtesy of usmrt.com writer James Doakhttp://www.usmrt.com/spotlight.html

More race pictures courtesy of the Irish Team


WMRT Race Videos

Courtesy of Tommy G

First one is here

Second One is here

WMRT 2008 Pictures!

Some pictures, courtesy of Richard Bolt, Dave Dunham, Nancy Hobbs and Peter Hartley. If you were there and have more, please email me at pkirsch@roadrunner.com and I can upload them to the team website.

Peter Hartley,Richard Bolt and nancy Hobbs’ pics:http://picasaweb.google.com/tevausmrt/Wmrt2008#

Dave Dunham’s Pics:http://picasaweb.google.com/doubledmtnman/2008WorldTrophy#

Eric Blake’s thoughts on this year’s Trophy Race

The thought of medaling as a team at the World Mountain Running Trophy didn’t really start till 2004 for me. A few of the USA team members were enjoying the pizza and wine in a small Italian restaurant in the mountain town of Sauze d’Oulx Italy after an eighth place team finish. Simon Gutierrez remarked that we were really not too far away from medaling and after looking at the results we were in striking distance for next year.

A year later in New Zealand we finished 6th. Again we were close but couldn’t get the medal. Then 2006 rolled around More >

Stats from the World Champs

Here are some stats. Eventually I’ll post all US results with how they rank all-time.

Junior boys – Tim Smith’s 5th place is the best ever placing, beating Andrew Benford’s 12th place from 2006. Levi Grandt’s 13th place is the 3rd best and Jon Steven’s 31st place is the 7th best.

The team 4th place is the best ever, topping the 8th place finish in 2006.

Junior girls – Alex Dunne’s (in picture above) bronze medal is the first ever individual medal for a junior girl, this tops Anna Lieb’s 4th place finish in 2007.

Men – Rickey Gates 12th = 10th best, More >

Dave Dunham’s photos from WMRT

They live here:http://s153.photobucket.com/albums/s209/davedunham/2008 World mtn trophy

Dave Dunham’s report from the WMRT

Dave’s reports from the WMRT races:http://ddmountainrunr.blogspot.com/2008/09/world-championship-results.html