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The Training Begins

Hey Everyone,

On Thursday I began my first day of specific training for the Mountain Running World Trophy. I drove up to the Wisp Ski Resort in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland to run up their main slope, The Face. The closer we drove to the slopes the more intimidating the mountain looked….and it’s only half the size of the mountain that we are going to “face” in Switzerland! I began my climb and from the bottom all the way to the top it took about 7 minutes…for a half mile with 500 ft elevation gain! So needless to say after doing More >

World mountain trophy Ovronnaz -

Hi everyone,

My name is Alex and i am 17 .I am looking forward to participate to the World moutain running trophy on the 14-15 in Ovronnaz. It Looks like we have a really good Junior men’s team this year, hope to do well on this race ! l live in Grimentz ,in a little moutain village in Switzerland, Ovronnaz is only 50 min by car from my village ,so i can train a lot on the race . Also in 2008 the World trophy will be held in Sierre on an up-hill race.

The race in Ovronnaz will be tough More >

Team Preparations

It has been an exciting running season as we prepare for the Trophy races. Three great selection races — some automatic berths — followed up by at-large picks to round out the senior team. And of course there are the juniors. We have representatives on the team from 8 states, some newcomers and also medal winners from past teams. Everyone will be looking for a podium spot this year, that is for sure!Nancy