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Flagstaff Mountain

Today I ran from Balch Fieldhouse to the top of Flagstaff Mountain. Sort of a last tune up workout before hand. The rest of the team went up to 8500 feet and went for a medium distance run on the Switzerland Trail. I felt really good going up Flagstaff. A couple of spots I kind of got lost and at the top I wasnt sure if it was the very top but I am pretty sure that it was. I ended up running from the trailhead to the top of Flagstaff in 18:36. I came down 3 minutes slower because More >

WT Ovronnaz, pictures.

Hi everyone,

here are some other pictures of Ovronnaz, see you soon….


It has been a while.

Howdy, So for the past um… long time since i blogged I have been up to the usual training and all. Hit 63 miles last week with three hard days, one being a 200,200,400 workout with the 400′s being arounf 65, and 200′s around 32. Another workout was repet miles on our xc course, this mile is half up half down, with the first mile in 5:13 and the rest in 5:17. The final workout out was a fartlek around a soccer field, 4min hard 3min easy, the 4min hard pace was around 5:17-5:20 for the whole thing. So that More >

Long time no blog

Hello all. I hope that everyones training for worlds is going great. My training has been going pretty good. Its been so nice training with people every day and so many people that are so much better than me. The CUXC team went to Grand Lake for 3 days for school started for a camp and that was a lot of fun. We would do runs around 9000ft so its definately getting me prepared for Worlds. Today we had our annual time trial at the Buffalo Ranch. I ended up 13th overall and 9th on the team. I ran 27:15 More >

Gettin’ Closer

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a while since my last post; I’ve been getting adjusted to the new fall semester which started on Monday.

When I’m not in class and I’m out on my runs I find myself thinking about the race in Switzerland. Training has been going smoothly so I’ll be up to 65 miles this week. I’ve been very careful with my foot because this is the most I’ve run since my injury so I ice it a couple times a day. The West Virginia University Cross Country team has started practicing together every afternoon. It’s nice to have a big More >

Rickey’s Report.

Hello all, Alex Jodidio, the incedental American ex-pat running on our junior men’s team, and his kind mum and dad, were kind enough to bring us to the trophy course in Ovronnaz (1450m)earlier today. As I am only an hour’s drive away and my curiosity about the course is on the same level as (I imagine) everyone else’s the opportunity to preview the course was quickly taken. The following is an attempt to describe the course so that you might be able to get in a couple more specific workouts before your tapering begins. The pictures, taken by Alex, should More >

Pictures Ovronnaz.

Today I went running on the course of the World Trophy in Ovronnaz with Ricky Gates and the English runner Martin Cox. We did two loops with Ricky and Martin did three, and then some sprints on the grass. I took a few pictures of the race. The departure is at the Stadium, then we go down a paved road and turn left onto a mountain path, we pass over a bridge and then a few steep, short uphill sections. Than there is a very steep 2000 foot uphill section. At the top, there is a flat bit and thenthe More >

I’m Back!

I haven’t been Blogging for a while because my high school team had their X-C camp this past weekend up in Grand Lake, CO.Most of our runs were between 9 and 10,000 ft! It was awesome. Here’s the update. We drove out there Thursday morning and then did our run on the East Shore trail. It’s a nice trail that we call the “Dam Run” because the route we take ends up spitting us out right at the Dam (and because as underclassmen none of us liked the run especially but then it was the Damn run). The trail is More >


Hi everyone,

yesterday i ran in the Sierre-Zinal race ,the junior part 19 k . Nice weather , a bit of snow and the downhill was very difficult and technic . I started not too fast, i was 8 th position in Tignousa , then i passed 5 juniors and i was 3rd untill the 15 K . I finished the race in 6th place in 1h35 so i am very happy. I met Rickey gates who finished 21 th place in Sierre-Zinal , we are going in Ovronnaz on Thursday on the WT race. So i will send you More >

Great Race XXX

Today I competed in the Great Race in Auburn, NY with Zach. I had a great race until Zach punched me in the face when I went to pass him. haha no i was just kidding about that but I did have a great race and Zach had an even better race. I ended up 5th over in the 10k with a time of 32:55. My mile splits were 5:16, 5:20, 5:24, 5:20, 5:27, 5:04 and I ran the last .2 miles in 60 seconds. Zach was 3rd in 32:44 I believe. My team ended up 5th overall improving on More >