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Simon G., Rickey G., and I (Joe G.) raced up north in the Piemonte region of Italy in a small town known as Susa. For Rickey and I, it was the last tune up before the big one next week. Simon came across the Atlantic for Susa’s historic race, which has been around since 1989! The race featured a good field with runners from Ethiopia, Japan, USA, New Zealand, Kenya, France, and of course some strong Italians. Many of them with superb road times. The race went out fast as usual. The partenza (start) changed from last year. There had More >

Sleepless in Seattle

Well I’m back home finally, and yes i’m very sleepless, every since I returned to the US I have gotten up around 5ish everyday. My thoughts on the worlds are a bit mixed, yet positive.

I’m very happy we won a medal, it was the greatest team accomplishment I have ever experienced, and on top of that Simon, the veteran of the team was able to cherish a well deserved medal after many years competing at the world trophy, so that was the icing on the cake for me. The trip was amazing as well, and the party for the race, More >


Well so far Kitbuehel has been amazing. The food is great, there are meat shops everywhere and a wide selection of shops around town. I got a chance to run the course a few days ago so I knew it would be a tough one. The bad thing about the run up was I had to come back down because I had missed the last gondola so that totally wiped out the legs, but I guess it happens to every mountain runner at some time or another. So the race, it went as expected, Wyatt took it out and two More >

Teva U.S. Team in Norway!

Well Rickey and I finally met up in Norway for the race this past weekend. The hotel was amazing the spa, the food, the scenery, wow! The race, I only I have one word to say about it, brutal. Rocky, muddy, and a relentless climb that never seemed to end. The race had some big time climbers in it including Rickey, Jon Wyatt, Jon Tvedt and another Norwegian climber Ouestein Sylta I think is how you spell it. From the gun Wyatt took it out, as the course was a bit cleaner and not so rocky at the bottom. A More >

Bodoe, Norway

Greeting from Bodoe, Norway. This is the first of my stops in Europe. So far so good. Fish is pretty popular up here so I have had a fair share of the great assortments of sea food in Norway and also cheeses. The cheeses here are pretty amazing, I could easily gain like 30 pounds here if I was not a runner. However, that would be expensive. Norway is very very expensive I have come to find out. The American dollar is about 5 Norwegian kroner. You would think that bringing US dollars to Norway would offer you some sort More >