On September 14, 2014 the newly minted US Mountain Running Team members will compete in the 30th World Mountain Running Championships in Casette di Massa, Italy.  Here are details about the race courses (from the race website).

Sea, Marble, Mountain: her is Massa and its World Championships

A journey through a story made of hard work. Steep paths a few steps from the sea, mountains not easy to tame.This is the stage of a World Mountain Running Championship whose actors are the marble, the quarries and the marble work process. From Forno and Casette, two small villages of Massa, an adventure will start that lead the athletes of the 30th World Mountain Running Championships to the entrance of the quarry, which is also the start of the junior women race.

The last stretch of the course, dug into the “Bacino di Gioia”, worldwide known for its prestigious marble extractions, represents the core of this World Championships project. An amazing scenery, an impressive white tunnel that goes through the mountain before the last steep ascent which leads to the upper terrace of the quarry  facing the sea from the distance. A race course which is a hymn to the quarry that has represented “life” for this area since 2000 years ago.

The course, technically varied, is an atypical route for the “only-up” formula, with a overall drop imposed by the nature of the territory itself, with descent stretches interrupting  very challenging ascents, both on macadam roads and 4wd roads. The final stretch of the course (approximately the last 4 km) go through an area whose entrance is accessible, for security reasons, only to work personnel.”

National teams visiting the course must ask the LOC authorization in order to visit this last part. During the World Mountain Running Championships access to the quarry will be free, but only within the areas bounded by the LOC in accordance to the security plan agreed with the WMRA. The competition courses, especially at the inner portion of the quarry, might be subjected to some variations. The final courses will be made ​​official after the last visit by the WMRA Technical Delegate.

Senior Men’s 12k Course:

Junior Men’s and Senior Women’s 7.5k Course: